Georgian Defense Minister addresses Multinational Non-Commissioned Officer workshop
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Tbilisi, Georgia, March 19, 2019 - In remarks opening the event, Minister Levan Izoria emphasized the value of the workshop, underlined the necessity for professional NCO education and highlighted the progress Georgia has made in this regard. Organized by the Partnership for Peace Consortium and NATO, the workshop brings together Sergeants Major and Senior NCOs from some 15 NATO Allies and partner countries to review the state of NCO development.

The aim of the workshop is to:

• Introduce the new framework document on NCO corps development for partner countries.
• Facilitate discussions on the interoperability of NCO education programs
• Promote national NCO education initiatives and their implementation in a bilateral format.

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Photo: Georgian Defense Minister Levan Izoria during his opening remarks at the Multinational Non-Commissioned Officer workshop (GCMC PIO)

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