PfPC ESC WG Resilience Curriculum Design Workshop Held in Washington, D.C.
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ESC WG Resilience

Washington, D.C. -  The Partnership for Peace Consortium (PfPC) successfully hosted a workshop focused on the "Resilience" Reference Curriculum (RRC) at the Foreign Service Institute in Washington DC from Nov. 06-10, 2023. Attended by Theme Leads, RRC drafting team members, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), and Academic Leads, the workshop facilitated discussions on the design and structure of the RRC. Key contributors included curriculum designer Dr. Alan Stolberg, Dr. Aaron Presnall and Mr. Ulf Jinnestrand, who examined the integration of the RRC into an Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) format. The event was marked by a collaborative effort to define a cohesive structure and reach consensus on the curriculum's themes, modules, and lessons.

Collaborative Milestones in Curriculum Development.  

The workshop's primary achievements included finalizing the RRC's design, structure, and methodology, in coordination with the curriculum designer. The integration of the RRC into ADL format and training exercises, though partially achieved, marked a significant step in curriculum development. The workshop also focused on developing a comprehensive timeline for further work on the RRC, leading up to its final presentation. This collaborative effort ensured maximum participation and interaction, making it a highly productive "real" workshop.

 Roadmap to Resilience: Setting the Stage for Future Success 

Moving forward, the PfPC has outlined a clear schedule for the completion and presentation of the RRC. Key milestones include the submission of Learning Objectives by Dec. 1, several virtual meetings for Theme Leads, and the final submission of themes, modules, and lessons by Jan. 31. A drafting team meeting in Rome is scheduled for Feb. 19-23, 2024, culminating in the presentation of the final RRC draft at the NATO Conference of Commandants from May 6-10, 2024. This structured approach underscores the commitment to developing a comprehensive and effective "Resilience" curriculum for future defense education.

You can learn more about the Emerging Security Challenges Working Group here.

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