PfPC Hosts Consortium Steering Committee (CSC) in Hybrid Format in Bavaria
PfPC hosts Consortium Steering Committee (CSC) in hybrid format in Bavaria
PfPC Executive Director, Raphael Perl leading discussion

George C. Marshall Center, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 24 February 2022 - Members of the Consortium Steering Committee (CSC) conducted their Annual Meeting in hybrid format on February 22-23, hosted by the George C. Marshall Center (GCMC) in Bavaria

Among other items:

1. Representatives from Sweden and U.S. continued efforts to stand-up a Irregular Warfare and Resilience Working Group. The current working group concept includes linking efforts to the Irregular Warfare and Grey Zone Threats course currently under development at the George C. Marshall Center. The Partnership for Peace Consortium (PfPC) is looking to support this initiative with mobile training team (MTT) engagements focused on identifying Irregular Warfare threats and building resilience strategies for interested Euro-Atlantic Partners

GCMC Director, Major General (ret) Barre E. Seguin welcoming the participants

2. Representatives from Switzerland proposed a concept to stand up a Consortium sponsored training exercise, which can be used as a focusing lens to bring together working/study group efforts into alignment.  The concept proposal outlines a 3-5 planning/exercise/assessment cycle using a series of table-top and command post exercises.

3. The CSC concluded its review of the mission, vision, and strategic focus areas which will be presented to the Consortiums Senior Advisory Council (SAC) at its upcoming meeting to be held in Geneva in July 2022.

SAC Chair Brigadier General (ret) Helmut Dotzler providing a framework for the meeting


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