Celebrating 25 Years of the Partnership for Peace Consortium in Washington, D.C.
Professor Todor Tagarev Speaking at PfPC's 25th Anniversary Ice Breaker at the NATO Conference of Commandants
Prof. Todor Tagarev Speaking at 25th Anniversary Celebration at the NATO Conference of Commandants

Washington, D.C., May 7, 2024 – On May 7th, the National Defense University in Washington, D.C., hosted the Partnership for Peace Consortium (PfPC) Secretariat on the occasion of its 25th anniversary. Ahead of the opening reception for the NATO Conference of Commandants, Dr. Sae Schatz, Executive Director of the PfPC, introduced long-time supporter of the Consortium and former Minister of Defense of Bulgaria, Professor Todor Tagarev. Dr. Schatz and Professor Tagarev delivered remarks to the distinguished leaders of allied and partner military academies in recognition of a quarter-century dedicated to advancing partnerships and education.


Lieutenant General Max A.L.T. Nielsen, Commandant of the NATO Defense College, opened the ceremony, expressing his gratitude for the Consortium’s enduring contributions to global security. Dr. Schatz highlighted the cooperative efforts since the Consortium’s inception. “As we celebrate the 75th Anniversary of NATO, we look back at the evolution of our collective defense,” said Schatz. “Twenty-five years ago, the PfP Consortium was endorsed at NATO’s 50th Anniversary Summit here in Washington, D.C. The Consortium has come a long way in its role to promote dialogue, mutual understanding, and intellectual interoperability.”


Professor Tagarev reflected on the Consortium’s early days and its adaptation to the evolving security landscape. His reflection addressed the security climate in 1999, marked by challenges of the post-Cold War era, and the need for a platform like the PfP Consortium to strengthen defense and military education through enhanced cooperation. His remarks underscored the enduring values and shared commitments of the alliance, emphasizing the role of education in fostering global stability.


“A number of different projects and initiatives were launched in the mid-90s. The network started growing, and by 1998, it was clear that platforms needed to be provided for cooperation among NATO members and Partner countries to enhance education, to enhance capacity develop expertise in those countries.” 


Former US Secretary of Defense William Cohen, who was one of the original signatories of the Consortium, shared the following remarks via memo, posted at the end of this article: 


“PfPC supports intellectual interoperability efforts to build enduring institutions and lasting regional stability. The academic and intellectual exchange of ideas on best practices, military strategies, and cutting-edge research will allow our countries and institutions to continue to grow closer and more interconnected. With war raging in Europe—as it was when we formed PfPC in 1999—I know that this organization will continue to foster close connections between military and academic leaders and help nurture the next generation of leaders. I regard the work we did on PfPC issues during my service, including my very memorable visit to the Marshall Center in Garmisch in 1999, as true highlights of my years as Secretary of Defense.”


Throughout the week-long Conference of Commandants, representatives of the PfP Consortium engaged with the distinguished attendees and shared Consortium products, such as reference curricula and issues of Connections. Attendees, including PfPC Senior Advisory Council chair, BG (Ret.) Rolf Wagner, also engaged in some discussions about the future endeavors for the Consortium

Since its establishment at the NATO 50th Anniversary Summit in 1999, the PfPC has reached over 800 defense academies and security studies institutes across 60 countries. Its mission is to strengthen partner defense education and security sectors while fostering a trusted global network of defense educators, research professionals, and security sector practitioners.

Looking ahead, the PfPC will continue its role in advancing military education and fostering cooperation for many years to come, by strengthening partner defense and security institutions, enhancing cross-sector cooperation, and promoting modern standards for professional military education. 




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