Building Resilience: ADL Workshop in Moldova Charts Path Against Disinformation
ADL Working Group

Chisinau, Moldova - The Partnership for Peace Consortium (PfPC) and the Alexandru cel Bun Military Academy recently conducted a workshop from 13-14 March in Chișinău, Moldova. The goal of the workshop was to identify practical steps to enhance training for cognitive resilience against Foreign Information Manipulation and Interference (FIMI), which will eventually be published in a white paper. Intended for policy makers, the focus is on improved collaboration in eLearning across NATO, EU, and national institutions; systematic exchange of lessons observed; and developing cooperative training methodologies for counter messaging, fact checking, media literacy, critical thinking, and psychological resilience.

Cross-Border Collaboration in Action

The workshop brought together 18 government officials, academics, and defense educators from 11 different countries. During the workshop, subject matter experts focused on crucial questions about content sharing, interoperability, and cognitive warfare. 

On sharing learning content, discussions revolved around obstacles and opportunities for effective sharing among allies and partners, and leveraging tools for collaboration and knowledge exchange. On interoperability, the experts discussed training methodologies designed to promote cooperation across various levels. They recognized the importance of shifting from reactive sharing to building learning content that is designed to share, as well as establishing platforms and tools conducive to improved training and education interoperability among partners. On cognitive warfare, participants examined the intricacies of countering disinformation by identifying credible sources and cultivating flexibility to respond swiftly to emerging threats.

Shaping Future Strategies

 The workshop facilitated a multifaceted discussion on cognitive resilience, offering insights into different aspects of the concept and its implementation. The diverse perspectives presented, and the conclusions reached, will be captured in two papers that will serve as recommendations that could potentially shape decisions and strategies in the near future. The next steps involve the refinement and finalization of the white papers. These developments serve as a testament to our collaboration in advancing education. In the long run, the lessons learned from this workshop can guide the development of further initiatives aimed at enhancing international cooperation in the fields of defense and security.

You can learn more about the ADL Working Group here.

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