Strengthening the Resilience of Political Institutions and Processes: A Framework of Analysis
Pascu, Ioan Mircea
Nicolae-Sergiu Vintila

Conventional as well as atypical threats and vulnerabilities tend to undermine the core principles and functioning mechanisms of demo­cratic societies. This article examines internal weaknesses and foreign in­tervention operations seeking the manipulation of the electorate and thus diminishing legitimate political participation and questioning the very es­sence of democracy. The analytical focus is on manipulation and disinfor­mation mainly through mass media and social network platforms. This is increasing the risk of undermining public confidence and trust in demo­cratic institutions and processes. The main argument is that democratic in­stitutions and processes can and must be made more resilient. The article provides a framework of analysis for the resilience of political institutions and processes and investigates current initiatives, including of EU and NATO, to strengthen resilience.

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