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The Combating Terrorism Working Group (CTWG) focuses on developing policies and programs to build capacity in partner countries and offer suggested directions for countering terrorist threats. As terrorism is dynamic, the CTWG demonstrates agility in addressing contemporary trends through a combination of targeted exercises and specific policy papers. In 2018, the CTWG continued to emphasize the foreign terrorist fighter (FTF) threat, specifically the blowback effects on Europe and Central Asia. The CTWG also examined Da’esh and the impact a collapsing caliphate would have on NATO, its partners, and adjacent regions, particularly as it relates to homegrown terrorism.


In addition to targeted exercises, the CTWG is established a reference curriculum with a focus on counterterrorism (CT). Our defense education curricula are available to any institute wishing to implement Western style defense education teaching methodologies. Such practices foster the intellectual interoperability among partner nations. Additionally, our downloadable defense education curricula functions as a model/template and starting point for training/educational program development of defense education curricula on any given topic.

Chair persons
Dr. Sajjan Gohel (Director of International Security, Asia Pacific Foundation)
Dr. Peter Forster (PhD, Professor Emeritus, Security & Risk Analysis, College of Information Sciences and Technology, Penn State University)
  • PfPC CTWG Email: pfpcctwg [at] 
  • PfPC Office Germany:  +49 (0) 08821 750 27 08

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Gdynia, Poland, July 18 2019. The Partnership for Peace Consortium’s Combating Terrorism Working Group, led by its Co-Chairs, Dr. Sajjan M. Gohel and Dr.

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