Partnership for Peace Consortium´s Advanced Distributed Learning Working Group leads Conference at NATO School Featured

Opening remarks in Oberammergau
Opening remarks in Oberammergau NATO School Oberammergau

Oberammergau, GERMANY, 4-6 November 2019 - Twenty experts in the field of Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) gathered for a workshop to discuss the use of xAPI to further ADL programs.

The Dean of Academics of the NATO School Oberammergau opened the event by emphasizing that ADL programs remain a NATO priority and are important to interoperability efforts both within the Alliance, as well as with partner countries. Briefings were given by NATO School ADL experts, representatives from the NATO Defense College, as well as from NATO Allied Command Transformation. The group shared best practices in the latest ADL developments, and considered future trends in ADL implementation. The experts attended from fifteen countries and were hosted by the NATO School Oberammergau, in partnership with NATO DEEP, and in collaboration with the PfPC ADL Working Group.