Whole of society tabletop exercise produces policy recommendations for countering foreign terrorist fighters Featured

CTWG Group Photo
CTWG Group Photo Mr. Karlheinz Wedhorn

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany (June 10, 2016) – Experts from a broad spectrum of society came together at the George C. Marshall Center from 1-3 June to discuss security challenges related to the European migration crisis, including facilitating travel by foreign terrorist fighters to Europe and North America.  They shared perspectives and challenged conventional practices to produce a draft set of policy recommendations on how to best respond to the international secuity environment counter violent extremism.

Attendees included subject matter experts from government (including military leaders, diplomats, law enforcement and security sector officials, and legal professionals), business, academia, religious, youth, and civil society communities, representing a diverse cross section of society comprised of 48 people from 19 countries. The event’s Tabletop Exercise (TTX) was moderated by Mr. Irfan Saeed of the U.S. Department of State (pictured below), and explored a 3-part hypothetical scenario derived from actual counterterrorism (CT) cases. The working group examined CT-related challenges associated with the European migration crisis to develop actionable policy responses applicable at all levels, ranging from communities and local government, to recommendations with national, regional, and international application.

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Before the group began the exercise they received a key note addresses on the topic of “Contemporary Threats and Challenges to International Security” from Mr. Richard Prosen, U.S. Department of State, Ms. Elizabeth Collett, Migration Policy Institute, Dr. Peter Forster,  The Pennsylvania State University, and Dr. Sajjan Gohel, Asia-Pacific Foundation.  This was followed by a panel discussion on “Diffuse Threats and Comprehensive Responses” headed by the CTWG Co-Chair Dr. Peter Forster (Pictured below with CTWG Senior Advisor Dr. Sajjan Gohel and CTWG Co-Chair Mr. Richard Prosen).
The CTWG is currently producing a report, summarizing the event’s key recommendations in the areas of strategic messaging, policies, and community programs, which will be completed ahead of the Warsaw Summit in July 2016.  
A follow on TTX will be conducted in September 2016 in Albania.

For more information on the Partnership for Peace Consortium and the Combating Terrorism Working Group, visit http://www.pfp-consortium.org. For more information on the Marshall Center, visithttp://www.marshallcenter.org.