Regional Stability in the South Caucasus

FactsheetRegional Security in the South Caucasus Study Group Factsheet

The PfPC's Regional Stability in the South Caucasus Study Group actively seeks to foster stability in the region, as well as international security, through facilitating conflict resolution dialogue among diverse parties. The activities of the group serve to advise broader conflict resolution activities, such as the Geneva Talks. The group pursues its goals by focusing on the following areas:

  • Ensuring multinational participation, building on experts from all dimensions of the security-political spectrum of the three core countries Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia: This is paralleled by bringing in experts on international security and regional stability issues from the main partner countries and institutions to the region, namely the European Union (Member States), the Russian Federation, Turkey, the United States, as well as NATO, the OSCE and the UN.
  • Building a constructive network of academic and policy-making influence: This includes involving civil society, international security organizations,  think-tanks and defense institutions in the group's work.
  • Encouraging an alteration of the conflicting narrative in the region in order to progress conflict negotiation.