Security Implications of the Concept of Resilience. FALL 2020

The Fall 2020 issue of Connections: The Quarterly Journal presents a variety of security-related applications of the concept of resilience. Two articles address the relation to cybersecurity – one presenting a framework for assessing national cyber resilience, and the other the need to enhance the resilience of the armed forces to cyberattacks as one of the tools for hybrid warfare. Three articles look into the investment in resilience as a promising venue in peacebuilding and examine respectively the negative experience of stabilization missions, the roles of women and of advanced technology. The final two articles look at resilience, primarily at community level, in a post-conflict setting.

Previous Issue

The Summer 2020 issue of Connections: The Quarterly Journal is dedicated to the concept of resilience, its evolution from the field of engineering, through psychology and to the ubiquitous referencing to resilience in numerous security and defense policy documents. The first article provides an excellent overview of this evolution and hig... Read More