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Connections is a free, peer-reviewed quarterly scholarly journal, published by the Partnership for Peace Consortium, widely read at international security institutes such as the NATO Defense College, US Army War College, Austrian National Defense Academy and numerous others. Subscribe today and join our readership from 800 international organizations across the international security, defense, government, and civil agency communities.

If you would like to submit an article for review by the Connections Editorial Board Editorial Board, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Connections Editions:

Connections vol.16, no.1, Winter 2017
Connections vol.15, no.4, Fall 2016
Connections vol.15, no.3, Summer 2016
Connections vol.15, no.2, Spring 2016
Connections vol.15, no.1, Winter 2016
Connections vol.14, no.4, Fall 2015
Connections vol.14, no.3, Summer 2015
Connections vol.14, no.2, Spring 2015
Connections vol.14, no.1, Winter 2014
Connections vol.13, no.4, Fall 2014
Connections vol.13, no.3, Summer 2014
Connections vol.13, no.2, Spring 2014
Connections vol.13, no.1, Winter 2013
Connections vol.12, no.4, Fall 2013
Connections vol.12, no.3, Summer 2013
Connections vol.12, no.2, Spring 2013
Connections vol.12, no.1, Winter 2012
Connections vol.11, no.4, Fall 2012
Connections vol.11, no.3, Summer 2012
Connections vol.11, no.1, Winter 2011
Connections vol.11, no.2, Spring 2012